The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker Tour 2021

Last night was definitely one to remember at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield Ma. It was one where the audience was treated to a true rock  and roll show. The Black Crowes rolled in to town touring in celebration of the 30th anniversary their 1990 debut album “Shake Your Money Maker”.  The Band is Chris Robinson lead vocals, Rich Robinson guitar, Sven Pipien bass guitar, Isaiah Mitchell guitar, Joel Robinow keyboards and Brian Griffin on drums.

          From the beginning notes of rocking “Twice as Hard”  the band was tight and sounding amazing playing their hard driving rock and roll music. The album was played in it’s entirety so we got to hear some great songs like “Jealous Again”, “Seeing Things” and one of my personal favorites “She Talks to Angels”. After playing “No Sleep No Slave” off their album The Southern Music and Harmony Companion the crowd was treated to something really special.  Black Crowes’ singer Chris Robinson welcomed to the stage a true legend from Boston. He called out to the stage “rock and roll royalty” Peter Wolf from the J. Geils Band and they played  the J. Geils song “Cry One More Time” and then went into a ripping version of the J. Geils Band song “Lookin For A Love”

After Wolf’s appearance it was right back to classic Black Crowes music. They filled out the night with a jamming version of a “Wiser Time” the slower but soulful “Thorn in My Pride” and the rocker “Remedy”  and  ended the night with an appropriate cover of the Rolling Stone’s song “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll”.

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                The opening band was Los Angeles based blues based hard rockers Dirty Honey who are definitely worthy of checking out. Their music is hard heavy straight up rock and roll. Singer Marc Labelle, bassist Justin Smolian, drummer Corey Coverstone and guitarist John Notto They rocked the night with a very energetic set with songs off their debut album “Dirty Honey”.  Their music and their energy was felt right from the first song and lasted through their show. “Gypsy”, “California Dreamin”, “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7s” are just a few of the songs they played. They also did a cover of Aerosmith’s “Last Child” in the bad boys from Boston’s own back yard and the crowd definitely approved! Go and check these guys out…..thank me later.

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                         This show is a must see if they are coming to your neck of the woods.

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