Sublime with Rome Mohegan Sun 07/11/19

Sublime with Rome are out touring in support of their latest release ‘Blessings”. They bounced their way into Mohegan Sun Arena with their mix of ska/reggae/rock music. The crowd was very energized and the band could feel it as they opened the show with “Smoke Two Joints”( The Toyes cover) and went into a very upbeat version of “Wrong Way”(Sublime cover). That pretty much set the tone for the night as the crowd danced and sang along so loud that sometimes it almost overpowered the band. Most of the night was filled with Sublime “covers” as the only original member is bassist Eric Wilson along with drummer Carlos Verdugo who has been with the band since 2017 and guitarist and singer Rome Ramirez who would definitely make Sublime singer Bradley Nowell who passed away in 1996 extremely proud. Also played was a cover of the Grateful Dead “Scarlet Begonias” which had a unique Ska style to it and a Fishbone cover “Skankin’ to the Beat”.

                                                      You can see the full setlist here

 Openers one time grammy nominated Common Kings and two time grammy nominated Soja were a perfect fit for the show as they both provided their own unique styles of reggae/ska/rock/ latin music. The crowd was more than receptive to both bands. At one point a fan in the front row was yelling out for Soja guitar player Trevor Young to show his dreads which he eventually obliged by taking his hat of and flailing his extremely long dreads around for a song or two.                                   




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  Common Kings Their website-  Twitter – Facebook –  Instagram

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