Smith & Myers Worcester Palladium 12/08/2021

It was a frigid snowy December night in New England, Worcester Massachusetts to be exact. That didn’t stop anyone from coming out to the Smith & Myers show at the Palladium. As matter of fact there was a good amount of people waiting to get into the show.  When I arrived I heard rumors in the line that singer Brent Smith was feeling under the weather which was confirmed later on during the show by guitar player Zach Myers but judging from the performance you would have never known, it was amazing!

      Smith & Myers is half of the band SHINEDOWN. When they aren’t busy with Shinedown they take their stripped down no frills very impressive show on the road and perform original songs from their albums, classic Shinedown songs like “Sound of Madness”, Second Chance”, “I Dare You” and a plethora of covers. No two shows are the same kind of like a Grateful Dead setlist…there is none! This makes for an exciting show and the fans in attendance absolutely loved it.

      This nights show started out with Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” then went into their original “New School Shiver” from their album “Volume 2”.  They proceeded to cover songs by U2, INXS, Queen and more. You can see the whole setlist here.  They did a  most impressive version of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. I mean who covers Adele and does it justice? Smith & Myers does that’s who, it was bone chilling! The night was filled with tons of energy, banter back and forth with the audience and tons of singalongs. Another highlight was Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” a song that put them on the map in this area as they did an acoustic version of it very early on in Shinedown. They nailed every song they play. Brent Smith’s vocals are impeccable and resonate in your soul and along Zach Myer’s energetic and emotional guitar playing you can’t go wrong. Fun was had by all and it was just what the doctor ordered. It was definitely a show I will not be forgetting. It was like one big family and from what I could tell everyone had a great time! I highly recommend going to see them next time they come around and also check out Shinedown on their upcoming tour starting January 26th.

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