Scott Stapp – The Voice Of Creed Takes us Higher September 20,2019

Scott Stapp, one of the most recognized voices in rock music is back and sounding better than ever and is on top of his game. Stapp and his band played at The Big E in West Springfield Mass. With Dango Empire on drums, Yiannis Papadopoulos – lead guitar, Sammy Hudson on bass and Ben Flanders on guitar Stapp and company played an emotionally charged set that was filled with songs from his latest solo release “The Space Between the Shadows” released on Napalm Records. “Purpose for Pain”, “Survivor” and “World I Used to Know” to name a few. These songs are the same high quality you would expect from Stapp who was the singer for Creed a chart-topping band that sold over 50 million albums worldwide, broke airplay records, sold out arenas, and earned a Grammy Award for “With Arms Wide Open.” In addition to playing “With Arms Wide Open” Stapp and his band played “Higher”, “What If” and my personal favorite “My Own Prison”among others . The band was on fire and musically nailed every song. This is not a show to miss!

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“When you’re looking dead-on down a dark tunnel, everything turns to shadow. But when you start to take one day at a time, you begin to see the space between the shadows. At that point, you begin to see the light and the color. The world begins to takes shape in a whole new way.”

The Space Between the Shadows is Scott’s manifesto of lessons learned in the six years since his last release, yet listeners will find their own solace, hear their own frustrations, feel hope, revelations, victories and losses.
“Purpose for Pain is about seeking a higher meaning, a spiritual mentality when dealing with life’s painful moments. Everyone goes through unexplainable, dark times and that pain is real. If we can just hold on to hope during the most difficult situations, believing there is a purpose waiting for us on the other side, we can find meaning and clarity to keep fighting.”

Throughout the early 2000’s, Scott Stapp dominated rock radio with non-stop hits from his mega-band, Creed. At the same time, his personal demons from a traumatic past, combined with depression and addiction, turned every musician’s dream come true into a personal nightmare that played out publicly. The headlines became a blessing in disguise when music industry organization, MusiCares reached out in 2014 with the right message at the right time. The continued, unconditional love of his wife, family, and other artists, along with MusiCares’ assistance and  resources allowed the rocker to fight and overcome for five years and counting.  

“Just like with music, relationships, or any kind of personal growth, there are failures before there’s success,” says Scott. “The failures were devastating but every day you renew your commitments. It was also instrumental to me to learn learning that it’s an illness, not a weakness. The shift in conversation on these topics has also been a blessing in the public eye where

it’s less ‘what a rock star cliché’ and more ‘keep fighting, I’ve been there too.’ It just shows you that everyone is fighting some sort of fight.”  

Scott Stapp’s fighting spirit is well documented – he fled home as a teen, supported himself, and formed a band that reached the heights of musical success. Creed burst into popular consciousness in 1997 with MY OWN PRISON, followed by HUMAN CLAY (1999), WEATHERED (2002), and FULL CIRCLE (2009).

As Rolling Stone wrote, Stapp is “a singer with an enormous emotional range and a composer of startling originality.” As a solo artist, he released two albums, PROOF OF LIFE (2013), which


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